Cake Contest Results

The Lincoln Bicentennial Weekend held at the Asa Waters Mansion this past May featured a "President Lincoln Birthday Cake" contest. Although we were hopeful for some exceptional entries we never expected the brilliant cakes which arrived at the Mansion door!

Take a look -and a big thank you to those who do diligently baked and decorated cakes, we are all in awe of your culinary talents!! Congratulations to all!

Professional Category:

Winner Professional

The Winner: Imelš Confections
Traci Heikkinen, Holden, MA

Culinary Student Category:

The Winner: Ariel Ramos, Grafton, MA

13 years of age and over category:

The Winner: Alissa Rakausksa, Sutton, MA

12 years of age and under catergory:

The Winner: Katherine Szkoda, Charlton, MA